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Ontario Public Health Association

The Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) is a not-for-profit organization that provides a strong, unified, independent voice for all citizens, public-health professionals and volunteers committed to improving the health of Ontarians. OPHA has a very active Board of Directors that to accomplish its governance responsibilities and fulfill its strategic plan.

Since 1949, OPHA has served as a catalyst for development in the Public Health sector. OPHA galvanizes communities, governments and decision makers to manage current public-health challenges, launch new initiatives, and act in a responsive and accountable manner. Through strategic partnerships with hundreds of health units, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic institutions and community health centres, OPHA has succeeded in influencing and addressing specific public health issues as well as broader elements of health policy. These include preserving the environment, promoting disease prevention, narrowing health disparities and reducing poverty.

OPHA fosters and maintains strong relationships with numerous Ministries. OPHA’s track record of program development and advocacy, combined with its unique interdisciplinary approach to public health issues, has earned the organization a wealth of credibility as an active participant at the policy making table.