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The overall goal of the TEACH Project is to offer evidence-based, accredited, accessible, and clinically relevant curricula to a broad range of health practitioners. Our aim is also to enhance treatment capacity for tobacco cessation interventions. Since the beginning of the project in 2006, TEACH has trained 5,300+ unique participants in Ontario-based courses, across 10 provinces, from over 36 disciplines since 2006. In addition. Courses are designed to appeal to practitioners of various disciplines, and the interdisciplinary appeal of our courses is illustrated by the <36 different disciplines that attend our Certificate program courses in each cohort. TEACH currently has 58 interprofessional faculty from across Canada as well as 10 academic and professional accrediting organizations for TEACH courses. TEACH has presented at 81 presentations and posters at various national and international conferences. In addition to the courses offered, TEACH has developed 52 clinical video vignettes available on the TEACH YouTube Channel and has over 750 subscribers on the TEACH Community of Practice Listserv.