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Anjali Gopinath

Toronto Public Health
Consultant, Nutrition Promotion, Peer Nutrition, Early Years Child Health & Development

Anjali holds a Consultant (Nutrition Promotion) role at Toronto Public Health. Her work includes planning, implementing and evaluating nutrition programmes for Toronto's Indigenous & ethno-cultural communities. She has worked with other City Divisions and community consultants, across disciplines, to bring about change in the way traditional nutrition programs have been delivered. Anjali did her undergraduate in Microbiology from India, a Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics from Australia following an accredited internship in the USA. She is a Registered member of the American Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and participates in knowledge exchange that will bring about a shift in public health practice. Off the beaten path, Anjali has mentored many foreign-trained health professionals to boost their employability; which is a huge stress factor for many local citizens. Anjali knows something about being resilient; having both parents in the Army, she has moved homes over a dozen times before beginning her undergraduate studies. The longest Anjali has ever lived in one place has been here in the GTA; along with her family, which includes a Tibetan Mastiff dog who is the size of a pony! Anjali swears he provides the best kind of relief to stress!